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Scientific Psychedelic Goodbye

The pieces were created over a series of months. They hope to reflect love and the beautiful mess of life. They are a goodbye, but also a remembrance. Each piece was created using two portraits. I kept one portrait, and gave the other to a dear friend or family member. I wanted to make more, but eventually ran out of time, as my trip came into being; I was flying out of the airport to the ancient city of Athens. Scientifically i was very interested in the medium of color as a form of translation for meaning, much like language. The merge of opposing colors with each other, and the manner in which they create. Very elementary stuff. I wanted to really learn colors for the first time, as if i was 4 years old. Texture as a medium for depth and love. All of these simple moments and explorations guides me into an understanding of the long good bye that awaits me and my loved one, and a retrospect into the past of our communal being. Each one hangs in my flat, and sits as a portrait of their face. A way to take home, to home.

- Lewsha'-Camille

Dear Sym,

Dear Lu,

Dear Shaq,

Dear Chin,

Dear Lu,

Dear Man,

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