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Put your back on me

· poetry,Contemporary Art

by Lewshá -Camille


Broke my back just to know your thoughts

Heaven wasn't close in a place like that

It's like I flicked a switch and now I'm feelin'

Talks like a gentleman

Like I imagined when I was young

Princes and new land and horses

Like I imagined

Should I just be silent

& write?

Are social experiments to dangerous to

Continue to be conducted?

Funny, because it doesn't feel like

We are moving to fast

The timing seems perfect.

You always read my mind,

And feel my energy.

Days feel still without you,

But happiness flows from gauntlets of anticipation, longing and desire.

Desire that does not become quenched with your all consuming love only to become bored... A desire that reflects the I love I feel for myself.

Put your back on me.

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