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Blood of a Slave; Blood of a King:

A Manifesto

· Manifesto,Contemporary Art,poetry

by Lewsha' -Camille

Telling black people that they are oppressed, makes them more oppressed. constantly repeating that black people are oppressed, affirms the thought the same way repeating positive affirmations bring thoughts into existence. So what are black people to do about injustices? Since in actuality black people are oppressed! Simple. Black people need to understand that they are not oppressed. Huh? They need to know that although there are some people who would do anything to silence them; there is nothing that those people can do to break their spirit, to stop them from dreaming and loving... Truly, truly loving. There is nothing that anyone can do to cause them to hate themselves. Black empowerment doesn't need more black women on the cover of vogue. In the end every black person needs to unchain themselves from mental Slavery and be free, from the whims, expectations and hate of others. We create social change by changing ourselves. By refusing to adhere to stupid standards like the inability to wear certain clothes, own businesses, sport natural hair, be proud of our culture, talk a certain way, etc. We create the change we desire. We quite literally force ourselves into a powerful position by remembering that no one can truly destroy us. But it all starts with a thought. One has to believe in oneself and believe that no one can oppress you, no matter how hard they try. No one can ever enslave you, no matter how many chains and whips they utilize to attempt to break your back.

You, black child, are not a victim, but a conquerer. You are not second best; your glory is recognized in the deep hearts of all. Beyond your curve, and the full of your lip, you are noted for your true beauty, a deep gazing of love and fullness. You are not self hate, or skin bleaching. You are proud of your blackness.
We see you black child, as equal. There is no debate. You were always free, like the stars that remain ever present, but hidden out of view from those out of touch with true beauty... You endured strife and boasted in glory. You lived life fully, yin and yang. You are human, black child.
You are no longer a child, but a fully grown flower. You, as a seed, have evolved into life, full form, full functioning.
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