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The Balkans have a long history of war and political corruption. Skating in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia [former Yugoslavia] was a child-like and innocent political act. As a public artist, I am told that simple pleasures like skating, and graffiti "deface and corrupt society." Naturally, I disagree.

Concerning the Balkans.. Who is wrong? Milosevic? Clinton? The UN? Ourselves? The entire world? You must do your research and decide for yourself.

Still, it was interesting: that in front of a government building, the country of Serbia gives a bold statement in their nation's capital: NATO, WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR KILLING OUR CHILDREN.

More over, the youth that I met were very open, and free. I discovered the musical artist, Playboi Carti for the first time in Belgrade! Rap has a global appeal..is the music of resistance [on many levels].

Skating. Years later, back on a board for the first time..and of course. I fail.. but I have fun. And that, my friends, is life.. for me. failure and loving the failure and trying again.

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